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Peppermint & Ginger Herbal Tea PACK OF SIX ( 120 Teabag )

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Dalgety Ginger-mint combines Ginger with its stimulating properties and Peppermint with its digestive aiding properties to create what is called THE ZINGER!


Key benefits:

Tonic - restores, invigorates, strengthens body system and organs. 
Anti-bacterial - prevents and destroys growth of harmful bacteria. 
Calms & soothes the nerves to alleviate irritations and stress. 
Anti-spasmodic - prevents & relieves involuntary spasms of muscle as in wind pain


Pure & Natural dried Peppermint leaves 
Pure & Natural dried Ginger, 
Pure & Natural dried lemongrass, orange peel 
No artificial additives or Flavorings 
Naturally Caffeine free! 
100% Natural Product


Ginger-mint ‘THE ZINGER’ has the effect of the Mint hitting your nostrils and Ginger hitting your chest

Package size: 
1 carton = 20 teabags, 
1 case = 36 cartons