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Cerassie / Bitter Melon: Is it the answer for Diabetes



Dalgety Cerassie (Bitter Melon) Tea

Bitter Melon: Is it the answer for Diabetes

Most people with diabetes feel a bit hopeless due to the never-ending set of medicines they are prescribed with in order to lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics also feel dependent upon insulin injections and feel the depravation of avoiding sweet foods at every occasion. This is why the discovery of bitter melon / cerassie  and its properties have a revolutionary effect on how people with diabetics now view natural remedies.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd (cerassie, karela, corilla), as it is sometimes called, are grown in Asia, East Africa and South America. It has medicinal properties that make it good for consumption of those people with diabetes. For one, it has a natural property of lowering blood sugar levels and it also helps regulate insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone that helps metabolize glucose in the body so that it transforms it into energy. If you eat the fruit or drink bitter melon tea, you can expect proper regulation of the glucose inside your body so that it can function normally.

Another great quality of the bitter melon is that it is rich with other essential nutrients. The fruit is also rich in iron and has more carotene content than broccoli. It has more calcium content than spinach and has more potassium content than banana. It is also rich in fiber which helps clean the system and promote bowel movement.

You may have a hard time chewing and swallowing the fruit itself. That is why it is advisable to drink the bitter melon tea instead. It has all the necessary nutrients of the fruit plus the potency of inducing a number of fruits at a single moment.

The cerassie tea is made of the leaves, fruit and seed of the bitter melon plant. The fruit and the seed are known to have the highest concentration of medicinal properties that contain the remedy for diabetes.

People with diabetes may either inherit the condition or acquire it. Sometimes, people live unhealthy lifestyles and they don’t watch what they eat, which may ultimately result to diabetes in the long run. Whatever the cause may be, it is always important to try out nature’s medicine to solve and help relieve you of this condition. If you are a diabetic and constantly worry about your blood sugar being high, then it is time you try this bitter melon and save yourself the trouble of a trip to the hospital. 


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