Ginger Tea: Hot or not?

Posted by E Dalgety on 30th Jun 2014

Ginger Tea: Hot or not?

Ginger Tea: Hot or not?

Summer is here!!. 

With the holidays and the sporting season here, it’s natural that many of us will have that summertime urge to sit outside enjoying a long cold drink…

With the arrival of the warmer season, it’s important not to overlook the

benefits hidden within your  herbal tea collection! The great news is that certain

herbal teas are so versatile that they can be enjoyed all year round. One example of

this is ginger tea. While tradition demands that ginger tea is imbibed while it’s good

and hot, it’s also good to try something new once in a while…The important news

is that however you drink ginger tea, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits! Those benefits

include boosting your immune system with vitamin C, treating symptoms of digestive

problems and nausea, the list goes on and on….so why not make ginger tea a cool

addition to your summertime drinks menu?

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Iced ginger tea

Using your ginger tea bags, make your ginger tea as usual, then let it cool in the

fridge. Once it’s nice and cold, simply add ice cubes and if necessary add more honey and lemon to taste.


2. Iced ginger tea with mint and lemon

This is a wonderful variation of the drink we highlighted above. Why not give your

guests something a bit different? All you need to do is follow the same recipe above,

then add fresh lemon and mint!

3. Sorrel (Hibiscus) and ginger tea

In the Caribbean culture, a chilled sorrel drink is what Christmas is all about. While

the festive season is long gone, don’t overlook this delicious treat when you’re

planning your summer barbecue! Click here to get a sorrel ginger tea sample

4. Honey and ginger tea

If you want a summer drink that’s more sweet than spicy, you need to know how

easy it is to make a cooling jug of honey and ginger tea! Simply use ginger and

honey tea bags. Let it cool in the fridge, throw in some ice cubes and then sit back and


Like to spice up your summer with some cooling ginger tea drinks? Take a look at

our full range of ginger teas here!

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