How to bring some love to your health this Month

Posted by E Dalgety on 15th Feb 2014

How to bring some love to your health this Month

How to bring some love to your health this Month

February - the month of love and romance. It’s great to celebrate your other half, but what about taking care of your well-being, too? While this month is all about hearts and flowers, the weather is still definitely about potential coughs and colds, plus the stresses of being back to work after the Christmas break. But don’t worry, we’re going to share some quick tips to help you love your well-being this month! Just think of us as Cupid for your health!

You give me fever

Want to give yourself a lift this month? Don’t miss out on the many benefits of Lemon Grass Tea, also known as Fever Grass. This gorgeously soothing and aromatic drink is known for its relaxing properties. If you’re in need of some relaxation, just reach for a cup of Lemon Grass Tea and feel those stresses melt away! There’s another reason why this tea is such a great drink at this time of year. Traditional Caribbean folk wisdom suggests that this is a great tea to drink if you feel like you’re about to come down with a cold!

‘C’ red for Valentine’s Day

A cold is probably one of the least romantic things you can have. Sadly, it is also very likely that many of us will catch one at this time of year! But when you boost your Vitamin C intake, you and your loved ones will be much more likely to enjoy red roses rather than red noses! That’s why a regular mug of Sorrel Ginger Tea will help keep your immune system packed with powerful Vitamin C. Not only is this a delicious drink but its fruity taste will help pep you up for when your loved one comes to visit!

Play it cool

If there’s anything nicer than a cup of Sorrel Ginger Tea, it’s a glass of chilled Sorrel Ginger Tea! If you want to give your immune system some extra love this month, you could vary things a little by enjoying this drink the traditional Caribbean way. Just add dried sorrel, fresh ginger, syrup and a little love! Think of it as a healthier alternative to a romantic cocktail for two!