How To Make a Speedy Sorrel Punch For Your Social Event

8th Jan 2016

How To Make a Speedy Sorrel Punch For Your Social Event.

It’s a delicious Caribbean tradition to drink Sorrel Punch at Christmastime and at Social Events. How about using Sorrel Ginger Tea to make your Sorrel Punch to save time!!! Traditionally, Sorrel Punch is made by soaking sorrel/hibiscus flowers for several hours then adding water and ice, this celebratory drink is loved by young and old alike.

But what can you do if you haven’t time to soak your flowers or don’t live near to a Caribbean or Latin market? Well, Dalgety Herbal Teas will come to the rescue with our Sorrel and ginger tea bags. Now you can have the authentic taste of a Caribbean Celebration in just a few minutes. We have blended fruity sorrel with the warm spicing of ginger to make a super-convenient authentic sorrel ginger beverage.

Simply pour boiling water on the sorrel ginger teabags and then let it cool and add sugar to taste or use in your favourite recipe.

Here are some Sorrel Punch Recipes:

  • For a more adult version add a shot of rum to your sorrel ginger tea blend, a twist of lime and crushed ice to make a delicious adult cocktail.
  • A tasty non-alcoholic sorrel punch variation is to add carrot juice, slices of fresh ginger and sugar to your sorrel ginger tea blend. Simply grate some carrot, let it seep over a sieve and bowl and then strain it or use a juicer if you have one. Fresh orange slices and a stick of cinnamon will add even more Caribbean flavour.
  • To bring a bit of fizz to the party, use less boiling water to infuse the sorrel ginger teabags and then once it is cold, top up with soda water and sugar to taste.

Now all you have to do is start sipping your sorrel punch, put some music, best served with a slice of cake and you will be transported to the Caribbean in an instant!

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