Dalgety Instant Ginseng & Ginger Herbal Tea ( with honey ) - ( Pack of 6 Carton ) 732g

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Product Overview

Ginseng is a nutritional root that is traditionally known to boost energy levels. Ginger is also a nutritional root known for it's natural healing properties.

Dalgety has blended these two great roots from the earth's crust to create a revitalising healthy beverage.

Key Health Benefits of Instant Ginseng & Ginger with Honey Tea:

  • Promotes a healthy body and mind
  • Can be sipped throughout the day to keep you refreshed and alert without the crash you get from sugary drinks and coffee.

Ingredients Instant Ginseng & Ginger with Honey Tea:

  • 35% Ginseng
  • 35% Ginger
  • 20% Honey
  • 10% Lemongrass


(No reviews yet) Write a Review